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Asus A42-A6 Battery [Brand New]
8-cell Asus A42-A6 Battery Replacement (4400mAh 14.8V Li-ion)
Asus A42-A6 battery replacement just fresh out from factory with New Highest Quality Japanese Cells. The 8-cell A42-A6 battery is 100% compatiable with original Asus A42-A6 battery and with full 1YR warrenty.
Battery Type: Li-ion Capacity: 4400mAh
Volt: 14.8V Color: Black
Cells: 8-Cell Dimensions: 267.60 x 49.20 x 21.22mm
* We ship to worldwild. 1 year warrenty & 30 days money back!
$97.11 $67.98 + Shipping Fee

Save: $29.13
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Asus A42-A6 laptop battery is a high quality rechargeable replacement battery which can 100% compatible with the OEM A42-A6 battery. All batteries on are brand new(never be refurbished), and using grade A cells to ensure high performace.

  1. Tech Specs : Li-ion, 4400mAh, 14.8V. 400-600 recharge Cycles.
  2. Battery Type : Brand new, Replacement Battery, 100% compatible with the OEM Asus A42-A6 battery.
  3. Featured Highlights : 4400mAh high capacity, Long battery life, reliable power for dependable performance.
  4. Quality Warranty : Our A42-A6 battery use high quality new cells, such as panasonic,LG,sanyo,samsung.
  5. Condition: Brand new-Not Refurnished, 1 Year warranty, 30 days money back.

The Asus A42-A6 laptop battery replacement can replace following Part Numbers:

  • ASUS 70-NA51B1100
  • ASUS 70-NA51B2100
  • ASUS 70-NFH5B2000M
  • ASUS 90-NIL1B2000
  • ASUS 70-NFH5B2200
  • ASUS 90-NA51B1000
  • ASUS 90-NA51B2000
  • ASUS A42-A3
  • ASUS 90-NA51B2100
  • ASUS 90-NA51B2200
  • ASUS 90-NA52B2000
  • ASUS A41-A3
  • ASUS 90-NA71B1100
  • ASUS 90-NCG1B1000
  • ASUS 90-NCG1B1010
  • ASUS A41-A6
  • ASUS 90-ND01B1000
  • ASUS 90-NDK1B1000
  • ASUS 90-NDM1B1000
  • ASUS A42-A6
  • ASUS 90-NFJ1B1000
  • ASUS 90-NFPCB1001
  • ASUS 90-NFPCB2001
  • ASUS 90-NG31B1000
  • ASUS 90-NH73B1000Z
  • ASUS 90-NHJ9B1000Z

The Asus A42-A6 laptop battery replacement can compatible with following model:

  • ASUS A3000
  • ASUS A3000E
  • ASUS A3000G
  • ASUS A3000L
  • ASUS A3000N
  • ASUS A3500L
  • ASUS A38N
  • ASUS A3Ac
  • ASUS A3E
  • ASUS A3Fc
  • ASUS A3Fp
  • ASUS A3G
  • ASUS A3H
  • ASUS A3Hf
  • ASUS A3L
  • ASUS A3N
  • ASUS A3 Series
  • ASUS A3Vc
  • ASUS A3Vp
  • ASUS A6000E
  • ASUS A6000Ga
  • ASUS A6000J
  • ASUS A6000Ja
  • ASUS A6000K
  • ASUS A6000L
  • ASUS A6000N
  • ASUS A6000Ne
  • ASUS A6000R
  • ASUS A6000
  • ASUS A6000U
  • ASUS A6000V
  • ASUS A6000Va
  • ASUS A6000Vc
  • ASUS A6000Vm
  • ASUS A6E
  • ASUS A6F
  • ASUS A6G
  • ASUS A6Ga
  • ASUS A6J
  • ASUS A6Ja
  • ASUS A6Jc
  • ASUS A6Je
  • ASUS A6Jm
  • ASUS A6K
  • ASUS A6Km
  • ASUS A6Kt
  • ASUS A6L
  • ASUS A6M
  • ASUS A6N
  • ASUS A6Ne
  • ASUS A6R
  • ASUS A6Rp
  • ASUS A6 Series
  • ASUS A6T
  • ASUS A6Tc
  • ASUS A6U
  • ASUS A6V
  • ASUS A6Va
  • ASUS A6Vc
  • ASUS A6Vm
  • ASUS A7C
  • ASUS A7Cd
  • ASUS A7D
  • ASUS A7Db
  • ASUS A7Dc
  • ASUS A7F
  • ASUS A7G
  • ASUS A7Gb

Tips about how to make your A42-A6 laptop battery last longer?

  1. Why my Asus A42-A6 battery's lift time is so short?
    A: Firstly, maybe you have choosed a wrong charger or electro circuit which can not fit your A42-A6 battery. Or your A42-A6 battery has been overcharged or disovercharged for many times. So make sure you have used the correct charger, and do not overcharge or disovercharge your battery frequently.
  2. How can I make my Asus A42-A6 battery last longer?
    A: Firstly, try to avoid frequent full discharging of your A42-A6 battery. And use the original charger of your Asus laptop to fully charge your battery after it automatically powers off. At last, avoid erroneous usage of your batteries such as heavy pressure, short circuit, fall off and so on.
  3. How to make your Asus A42-A6 battery last longer each time?
    A: If you do not need a program any longer, just take those few seconds to close it down and this can greatly help. Instead of your A42-A6 battery using precious power for a program you are not even using, you can extend its life by just asking it to give you power for what you actually need.
  4. Never short a battery to fully drain it. By short, I mean that you connect the two terminals (positive and negative) directly so that the Asus A42-A6 battery simply drains. This is a very bad, stupid thing to do. It can cause a fire. Don't do it.

Asus A42-A6 Shipping Information:

Normal Shipping
by Singapore Register Air Mail cost: $7.99 (You will receive your A42-A6 laptop battery after 10-15 days. But some times because of clear customs problems, maybe some days delay, we hope customers could help to wait for a while.)

Quickly Expensive Shipping by EMS cost: $39.99, and please contact us Via email if you choose EMS as shipping method. (You will receive your A42-A6 laptop battery after 7-10 days. But some times because of clear customs problems, maybe you would be asked to pay for your local tax and wait for some days.)

Shipping package:Our packing is very professional and safe.

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I was apprehensive at first in selecting your site for my battery replacement, but after receiving and using the battery I must say that I am very, very pleased with the results.
In short:
1. the battery works
2. the battery fits
3. the battery blends in well
4. and the battery was REASONABLY priced
It began working as soon as I placed it in my laptop.
Thank you for such an amazing product. I will purchase here again in the future.


This was a great product! the battery fits perfectly into my laptop.The battery definitely lasts a whole lot longer than the manufacturer battery did. I am extrememly satisfied and would definitely reccommend and buy again from your company.


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Why shop A42-A6 battery with us?

  1. New + Long life cycles
    All Asus A42-A6 batteries we offer are Brand new, never refurbished. They are 100% compatible with original battery, and has no memory effect. The batteries can handle over 500 full charge/discharge times.
  2. Better service and great battery warrenty
    All Asus A42-A6 batteries at are full 1 year warrenty and 30 days money back if any defective, damaged or misrepresented items.
  3. Bottom Price from factory
    We deliver the Asus A42-A6 battery replacement from factory directly. And we offer 30% dicount to all batteries now, the price would be much lower than other shops.
  4. Secure Shopping Guarantee
    The Secure Shopping Guarantee protects you while you shop at ebuybattery, so that you never have to worry about Paypal account safety. When shopping at online, you can shop with confidence.
  5. 100% compatible with original A42-A6 battery

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